February 23, 2021

Launching of the Tikocouncil wharf

the Launching of the Tikocouncil wharf

February 21, 2020

Mayor's test remark

February 10, 2020

Tiko Fishing Wharf

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Welcome to the Tiko Municipality
Tiko turned
46 years.

Created on the 29th of June 1977 by presidential decree No. 77/203; transformed by Law No. 018/2004 of 22nd July 2004 into Tiko Municipal Council.

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Surface Area:

4,804; Three urban space (Tiko, Likomba, and Mutengene) with 8 chiefdoms, 12 remaining village chiefdoms.

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20 villages, 17 mainland, 3 island (Source: Tiko Sub Divisional Office, 2019).

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Over 208,885 inhabitants , Surface Area of: 4,804, Has 20 villages, 17 mainland, 3 island.

Leading Tiko's foreign policy to advance the interests and security of the Tiko people.

Physical framework & population

The Tiko Climate, Soil, Relief, Hydrology, Vegetation, Fauna, Protected sites, Mineral resources, Assets, potentials and constrains of the biophysical environment.

Economic Activities

Economic activities of Tiko Municipality can be generally classified within three main sectors. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

Social infrastructures

Social infrastructures are foundational services and structures that support the quality of life of people living within the municipality and beyond.

Moukondo Daniel N.

Tiko Council

Mayor of Tiko

Moukondo Daniel N.

"Tiko is first of all my place. It is my home town. As such, I am versed with the problems of the municipality. I just thought that if I come with a team, I will be able to at least fix a few things that needed to be fixed. We were poised to transform the municipality in our own way. We have been able to do so through our people-centred approach to development.”

February 10, 2020

Tiko Fishing Wharf

Years in power