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Tiko, originally called ‘Keka’ by the Bakweris, is a town and important port in the southwest region of Cameroon. The settlement grew as a market town for Duala (or Douala) fishermen, Bakweri ( Kpwe people ) farmers and hunters from Molyko, Bwenga, Bulu and Bokov.

Tiko means “exchange” in the Bakweri dialect. Tiko and Likomba area were originally hunting ground for one hunter from Molyko called Joke Malisonge. He discovered the place in the late 18 th  Century and used to come and stay there for about three months hunting. At times he came along with his family and would exchange meat for fish from Edjo people. Other hunters, farmers and fishermen also discovered the area and started coming there to exchange their products. Some of them started settling there and by 1903, after the settlement had grown. The first settlers in the area were, Bakweri hunters and farmers from Molyko, Bwenga, Bulu and Bokova and fishermen from Douala.

In 1911, the Tiko City was formally created by the Germans, who gave 300 hectares of land with titles to some 35 Douala and Bakweri families. In 1922, the Tiko native Council was created under Chief Joke Nasoa though administered by the Victoria Federated Native Authority.

Vision of Tiko Municipality

By 2030, Tiko will be a strong, economically active municipality, with adequate and equitable coverage of social infrastructure s allowing
citizens to live in a secure, healthy and comfortable environment.

Mission of Tiko Municipality

Tiko Municipality shall endeavour to reinvent and expand its development services so as to sustain the socio-cultural, economic, environmental safety and wellbeing of its citizens, by cultivating a triadic relationship of Civil Society, Government and Business.

Values of Tiko Municipality

Members of the executive, steering committee and staff agreed to embrace a guiding attitude towards realising the mission, vision and objectives of the municipality.

In order to uphold high level service delivery to the population, ensuring that the Council remains accessible to all with an open door policy where the c ommunity and its citizens are truly at the core of every decision for the future, the following was adopted on general approbation to represent the core values of the council.

Our People - Our Community - Our Service

The History of Tiko
The History of Tiko

Tiko, originally called ‘Keka’ by the Bakweris, is a town and important port in the southwest region of Cameroon.


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Contact Information
Contact Information

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